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  • The Grown-Out Fringe
  • The Grown-Out Fringe
  • The Grown-Out Fringe
  • The Grown-Out Fringe

The grown-out fringe (or gringe as the beauty set are coining it) is having somewhat of a mini hair trend moment, thanks to its poster girls and tress-setters Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Felicity Jones, to name a few.

Ideal for those sitting on fringe fence or keen to grow out their bangs, they softly frame the face while hiding a multitude of potential sins – from breakouts to unruly brows.

If you're keen to try the trend for yourself take tips from Sam Burnett  – owner of luxe salon Hare & Bone and coiffeur to the likes of Daisy Lowe, Jessie J and Caroline Flack...

- The grown out fringe or ‘Gringe’ has been around forever and was especially big in the 1960s. It’s the peekaboo fringe we love on Bridget Bardot and the rock chic style of Jane Birkin – real French girl cool. This style works best on centre parted hair but it really does depend on how you wear your hair naturally and how your fringe was cut in to your hair initially.

- To achieve a ‘grown out in style’ look ensure the fringe has a slight curve in it so it frames your face and blends seamlessly in with the rest of your hair.

- When it comes to styling it’s important to control the roots when drying – use a bristle brush and position the air flow from the dryer down the hair shaft to keep the hair smooth. Then use a medium or large round brush and blow-dry with a slight bend to soften and let your hair naturally part.

-  Use a lightweight styling spray with a subtle hold like KMS Add Volume Body Build Detangler. This style can really accentuate your cheekbones and bring out your features if you have an oval or heart shaped face and works brilliantly on smooth hair types – if your hair is wavy or curly this look will require much more styling time.

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