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With everyone from Miranda Kerr to Alexa Chung regularly posting shots of themselves mid-plie on Instagram, it's safe to say that ballet-barre is going nowhere. Taking the trend to the next level is Barrecore, whose yoga-barre fusion barreASANA has got yogis, aspiring prima ballerinas and general fitness fans alike talking…

What Is It? A traditional Vinyasa Yoga class combined with pulsing barre movements and a contemporary soundtrack, for that extra bit of oomph.

Who Goes? Victoria’s Secret model Jourdan Dunn regularly tweets from her private Barrecore sessions (prepare for figure envy).

The Lowdown: Essentially yoga with plenty of pulsing (slow, tiny movements that contract the muscles) this is the class for those who find regular yoga a bit too 'zen'. Don’t be fooled by the candle lit studio – you may start with sun salutations and end with savasana, but the combination of pulsing and traditional ballet movements (particularly the section at the barre itself, imagine squats on tip-toe) create serious burn-factor.

Difficulty Rating: Each movement has plenty of difficulty levels, meaning even the most novice yogi will survive their first class.

What Are The Advantages? In the words of Barrecore founder, Niki Rein the focus is on “creating even more length in the muscles and spine and still producing a pert bottom and a slimmer waist.” Expect toned limbs, a stronger core, improved posture AND a more relaxed mind what's not to love?

Why’s It So Different? Promising to burn up to 500 calories per hour long session, this is no normal yoga class be prepared to sweat and for your limbs to ache for days afterwards.

Avoid If: You're after a cardio blast, this class is slower in pace than Barrecore's usual sessions focusing more on stretching. 

The Studio: Barrecore’s six studios not only offer a place to exercise, the relaxation areas offer healthy juices, smoothies and snacks for a post-class boost and a possible celeb sighting.

How Do I Get Involved? barreASANA is available at all of Barrecore’s studios across London and Manchester, from £20 per class. 

For those who aren't based close to a studio, Barrecore also offer other online classes from just £4. 


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