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Fujifilm Instax Share Printer

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If you frequently take photos on your smartphone or upload them onto social media, but never get round to actually printing them off (that’s us then) – treat yourself to Fujifilm’s Instax Share Printer, pronto.

The genius gadget allows you to print images stored on a smartphone or those uploaded to Facebook/Instagram at the touch of a button. Just download the Instax Share App and send your shots of choice wirelessly to the printer, which will pop them out onto Polaroid-esque prints that look chic when framed in sequence or full of charm on the office pin board.

Dinky and light, the printer can be transported anywhere (ideal for parties) and has an additional re-print feature, so everyone involved can get their own print to take home. So good, we don’t know how we lived without one.

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Fujifilm Instax, £129 | Fujifilm