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Joe & Seph's Easter Popcorn

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This Easter, instead of gorging on chocolate eggs and bunnies (all delicious but frequently sickly) we're craving a treat that's big on crunch and low in calories. Cue Joe & Seph's, the gourmet popcorn makers renowned for their Willy Wonka assortment of award-winning flavour combinations and air-popped corn (much healthier than frying in oil) which comes coated in golden butter and infused with natural ingredients.  

Our taste buds cannot get enough of these super-light morsels, which is why we're dead keen on the two latest pouches to hit the shelves: A Chocolate Trio (White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Cookies & Cream) and the Caramel laced Gingerbread. Sure to satisfy the most discerning of sweet tooths, these are a seriously scrummy, gluten-free snack, currently priced at just £4 including delivery for a limited time only.


A Cracking Chocolate Trio, £4 | Joe & Seph's

Caramel & Ginger Popcorn, £4 | Joe & Seph's