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Easter Treats For Adults

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Easter eggs aren’t just for the kids, y’know. There’s a plentiful supply of grownup chocolate that will appeal to adults over the festive weekend, too.

From the too-pretty-to-eat Chocolate Society Striped Egg and Ombre Pink Blonde Egg from Selfridges, to the boozy Marc de Champagne option and seriously moreish Red Velvet Truffles, there’s a sweet treat sure to tickle your fancy.

Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Egg, £27 | Hotel Chocolat

Espresso Truffles Wooden Egg, £10.95 | Booja Booja

Praline Quail Eggs Crates, £7.50 | Rococo

Milk Chocolate Egg With Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles, £30 | Charbonnel Et Walker

Origami Rabbit, £14.95 | Michel Cluizel

Easter Egg With Champagne Truffles, £10.95 | Booja Booja

Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Chocolate Egg, £13.50 | Prestat

Organic Champagne Truffles Decorative Easter Egg, £12.99 | Booja-Booja

Dark Chocolate Egg With Rose & Violet Creams, £35 | Charbonnel Et Walker

Striped Egg, £24.95 | The Chocolate Society 

Monochrome Egg, £24.95 | The Chocolate Society

Egg In An Egg, £24.95 | The Chocolate Society

Personalised Box Of Chocolate Carrots, £12 | Quirky Gift Library 

Marc De Champagne Truffle Easter Egg, £15 | Prestat

Easter Delights, £27 | Pierre Marcolini

Speckled Mint White Chocolate Egg, £5 | James Chocolates

Paper Egg With Red Velvet Truffles, £5 | Prestat

Salted Caramel Superior Seagull Eggs, £9.95 | Rococo

No.1 Sea Salted Caramels Original, £14.95 | Artisan Du Chocolat

Rocky Road Extra Thick Egg, £27 | Hotel Chocolat

Set Of 36 Coffret Chocolate Eggs, £36.50 | Pierre Marcolini