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Stylish Bathroom Storage

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Unless you’re more artistic than the best of them, storage and stuff is one of those mundane things that’s the bane of our lives and notoriously difficult to get excited about.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the bathroom, where, if you’re anything like us, there’s a plethora of shampoos, conditioners, not-so-glam shaving and cleansing paraphernalia, plus a whole heap of beauty products that could do with being tidied away.

Cue our edit of clever and inspiring bathroom storage ideas so your home can remain clutter free and under control, in style. From woven felt baskets to rattan storage boxes and on-trend two-tone laundry baskets, shop the edit below to recreate the simple, pared back bathroom of dreams.


Water Hyacinth Rectangular Basket with Handles, £55 | John Lewis

Copenhagen Woven Felt Basket, £18 | John Lewis

Rattan Lidded Storage Box, £30 | John Lewis

Bathroom Storage Basket, £10 | House by John Lewis

Twisted Loom Round Laundry Basket, £90 | John Lewis

Felt Laundry Basket, £50 | John Lewis

Rattan Storage Box, £30 | John Lewis

Fusion 3 Compartment Laundry Hamper, £75 | John Lewis

Rattan Laundry Bin, £55 | John Lewis

Rattan Round Open Weave Tray, Set of 2, £12.50 (was £25) | John Lewis

Twisted Loom Double Laundry Basket, £150 | John Lewis

St Ives Linen Bin, £100 | John Lewis

Two Tone Laundry Basket, £69 | John Lewis

White Rope Storage Box, £12 | John Lewis

Large Plaited Basket, £42 (was £85) | John Lewis

Water Hyacinth Towel Baskets, £15 | John Lewis

Round Rattan Box with Lid, £10 (Was £20) | John Lewis

White Rope Open Top Box, £18 | John Lewis