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The Viking Method

If 2014 was all about the Skinny Bitch or Barre Chick, then 2015 is the year of the Viking. Meet The Viking Method, the hardcore Scandi workout favoured by A-listers and fitness fans alike.

The Lowdown: Founded by personal trainer, Svava Sigbertsdottir this intense training programme involves shocking the body’s metabolism into burning more fat through a mixture of high intensity intervals and resistance exercises.

Who Does It? Ever admired A-lister’s Nicole Scherzinger and Suki Waterhouse’s abs? Those are the work of The Viking Method.

What Does It Involve? Based on how the Icelandic train (there is a reason they constantly win World’s Strongest Man), Svava’s method focuses on power, strength and survival, combining indoor with outdoor training.

Forcing the body to work to the maximum, expect to try exercises different to anything you’ve done before – with HIIT (high intensity interval training) including frog-jumps, kick-boxing and crawling combined with squats, bunny hops and planks.

Difficulty Rating? Tough. Svava does not see exercise as worth it unless you work yourself to exhaustion, so expect aching limbs and plenty of sweat.

Sound Hard? The workout may be challenging, but one look at Svava’s clients and you can see it’s worth the pain, plus an hour long workout burns up to 700 calories. Each session is also surprisingly fun, in part as Svava is so nice and encouraging; you’ll feel like you’re back in the playground as you crawl on the floor and perform wheelbarrows.

What Are The Advantages? In the words of Svava herself, her clients ‘train like professionals, eat like nutritionists and sleep like babies.’

What Makes It Different? This is one of the first methods to focus on exercise in relation to hormones. Each workout is designed to restore the body to its optimum hormonal state and balance insulin levels resulting in extreme fat burn, anti-ageing and de-stressing.

Avoid If: You’re more into yoga than HIIT training.

It’s Not Just Exercise: Diet is vital to The Viking Method; Svava is a trained nutritionist and encourages clients to eat plenty of good fats and protein with fresh fruit and veg.

How Do I Get Involved? Svava offers personal training sessions in person and online via her website Look out for a new website with personal training advice, videos and even a clothing range launching in May.