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Top 5 Hotels In India

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India has more culture, colour and history than you can shake a very, very large stick at. During the colonial era, Maharajas built grand palaces to impress the British and woo foreign visitors. Stories of India’s charm passed down through generations and now we are yearning to experience a glamorous slice of it on a bespoke luxury India holiday. We asked the India experts at bespoke travel company OriginalTravel for their pick of the best, from converted palaces to chic safari camps, these are the luxe holiday spots that prove India’s colonial opulence is very much alive. 

Samode Palace, Jaipur

It may look like the Samode Palace is just the stuff of fanciful dreams, but it is very much a reality. The palace was one of the first heritage palaces to open its doors to visitors and the royal family are still very much involved in its operation. The endless courtyards, corridors and terraces are ready to be explored and will have you hankering after your inner child just to enjoy a game of hide and seek amongst the vast array of treasures. By no means will you be rattling around in its vast architecture, from elephant polo to camel safaris and a roof top pool, the surprises are endless.