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How Not To Burn Out In Business

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We’re all susceptible to burn out, whether you’re a Corporate or an Entrepreneur, both bring an enormous pressure that can lead to exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and total wipe out.

We caught up with Papillon Luck, Business, Health Coach and Life Strategist, who after a fifteen year career in Investment Banking and Hedge Funds, found her passion and started an outdoor fitness business. She is now a Business and Health Coach to successful career women looking to find their passion, package it into the right business model and exit their corporate world to live their dream lifestyle.

Here are her 10 tips to putting the brakes on to prevent burn out.

1. Recognise Burn Out
Notice the symptoms so you can re-prioritise and up the self love to combat it. Constantly feeling tired, lethargic, irritable, teary, out of control, anxious or depressed? These are all symptoms of burn out. If you start to feel life is happening to everyone else but you, it’s time to re-evaluate your lifestyle and re-address what values are most important to you. Note I didn’t say slow down which is the most irritating thing to say to a super, successful, busy ‘doer’. Re-prioritise what makes you feel happiness and joy and start to move your aspirations and lifestyle towards these feelings.

2. Put You First
Without your health and wellbeing, you have nothing. Women find self love a struggle as it feels selfish. Prioritising your health and fitness will override stressful times but it’s the one area most women ditch when stressed. Green juices and yoga will nourish your body, keeping you calm, contented and at peace. Looking after yourself feels good and these feelings permeate their way through every area of your life. Introduce your self care regime to girlfriends to make it fun. The wellness scene has truly hit London so you’re way cooler if you’re working out and sweating than in the bar.

3. Set Boundaries and Create Laser Focused Time Management Skills
Without a framework, you are boundary-less, attracting chaos which leads to crisis. Set serious technical boundaries to keep you sane. Never check emails before you have exercised, showered and eaten breakfast. Even then, check twice daily with an out of office stating the hours you’ll be checking in. Turn your phone off during meetings and break your work into 30 minute blocks to access strategic thinking. Turn technology off an hour before you sleep and leave outside your bedroom to ensure you get 8 hours rest.

4. Outsource
Chances of burn out are unlimited for Entrepreneurs. They don’t know when or how to switch off and are doing everything themselves. To help set boundaries and reach the end of the day feeling you have achieved goals rather than feeling anxious there’s always so much more to do, make sure you outsource jobs that would cost you less than your hourly rate, freeing time to get in front of your potential clients. Your business will explode rapidly if you step away from admin and spend every waking business hour serving your clients.

5. Be Realistic, Don’t Over Stretch or Over Commit
This is a marathon not a sprint. Set yourself 3 realistic tasks during one day that are totally achievable. Do this every day and you’ll be in total control and not the frazzled, irritable woman trying to do everything who ends up doing nothing.

6. Keep Your Finances In Order
Nothing creates greater stress or anxiousness than finances. Keep track of all your debt, investments and budgets. Ensuring you’re working for your bigger picture goal not to clear debt can transform your mindset.

7. Mindset Work
It’s not just your body that needs exercise, you need to develop a positive mental attitude. This gets you through tough times and can override feelings of pain and stave off illnesses. Everything is achievable if you believe it and want it enough. Try meditating to release stress. In learning to appreciate the moment, anxiety will fall away. Be the positive light in everyone’s day, even strangers. Your energy will radiate through everyone.

8. Get A Coach
If you need someone to guide you, a coach is on your side. Just like a personal trainer, they will push you outside your comfort zone to achieve goals you’d otherwise think you’re not capable of. Remember no man is an island and those super successful women you secretly envy have rarely got to where they are on their own. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get you from where you are to your goals.

9. Let Go of Your Ego
It’s the hardest thing to lose but in doing so you’ll eliminate burn out and life will shift to passion, fulfillment and happiness. Your ego seriously gets in the way of modern life; it’s competitive, always wanting to be right or prove a point and can keep you out of kilter in the pursuit of real ‘success’.

10. Stop Being A Doer
Clients burn out when they are dis-aligned with their true values and are caught in the act of continuously ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’. Stop doing for the sake of being busy & get strategic about where you want your life to be, then work backwards to achieve it.

To connect with Papillon and schedule a free strategy session visit or contact her directly at [email protected]