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Le Caprice Sunday Jazz Sessions

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  • Le Caprice Sunday Jazz Sessions
  • Le Caprice Sunday Jazz Sessions
  • Le Caprice Sunday Jazz Sessions
  • Le Caprice Sunday Jazz Sessions

Restaurant: Le Caprice (Sunday Jazz Sessions)

Where is it: Piccadilly

What kind of food: Innovative British dishes with European flair. It opened back in 1947, with a relaunch in the 80s. Its a London dining institution.

Who goes: A glamorous crowd of Londoners enjoying date night and international jet-setters seeking Sunday night vibes. 

The concept: The restaurant has joined forces with Martell cognac to create the only London experience worth leaving your sofa for on a Sunday night  La Caprice Jazz sessions. Chose from two sittings on the last Sunday of every month  7pm or 9:15pm  and enjoy dinner, cocktails and jazz. We picked the earlier time (so we could make it home by 10pm) and saw the amazing Nina Ferro.

The interiors: Cool, old-school glamour, complete with framed David Bailey photography. Think wall-to-wall monochrome, from the ivory granite dining counter to the gleaming black marble floor.

Hero Dishes: Thai Baked Sea Bass, which the waiter almost insisted we order. His exact words were youll never want it to end and he wasnt lyingMouthwatering doesnt even come close  it was unbelievably tasty.

We also tried: Dorset Crab and Tuna Tataki with jalapeño dressing & Asian salad from the perfectly-cooked shosu menu. We fancied something sweet afterwards and opted for LeCaprice Plate  a selection of three puds large enough to feed as many people, which is great value at £9.

Anything unusual: Well the Jazz which isnt just confined to Sundays at Le Caprice. Stop by for Saturday brunch and catch Dom Pipkin  the lead guy from Paloma Faiths band, known for his authentic New Orleans sound.

Star cocktail: Sunday night cocktails come courtesy of the mixology experts at Martell, so expect them to be cognac based and befitting of a smokey underground jazz bar.

What made it unique to them: Le Caprice have found a way to prolong the weekend. Book now for Michael J McEvoy and Jocelyn Brown in April, or Cecilia Stalin in May, then grab a nightcap at the Ritz around the corner afterwards for a Sunday night thats a whole lot more memorable than a Netflix marathon.