New: Fountain's The Beauty Molecule |

New: Fountain's The Beauty Molecule

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    The Beauty Molecule, £25 | Fountain
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    The Energy Molecule, £24 | Fountain
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    The Hair Molecule, £34.99 | Fountain
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    The Geek Molecule, £30 | Fountain
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    The Happy Molecule, £19.99 | Fountain
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    The Super Green Molecule, £28 | Fountain
  • Caption 7
    The Beauty Molecule Extra Strength, £68 | Fountain
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    Hyaluronic Molecule, £27.99 | Fountain

Fountain’s The Beauty Molecule, caused quite a stir among skincare aficionados on its release thanks to its concentrated, quickly absorbed liquid blend of Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Acid, both known to promote health, youth and longevity. The cult product works from the inside out, and has thrown a question mark over the future of topical skin creams. 

Now, the much-lauded supplement has expanded into an entire range, designed to target specific wellness and aesthetic needs. Wish your locks would grow quicker? Try The Hair Molecule, packed with follicle-stimulating Silicon and Biotin. In need of a mood boost? Combat stress with the GABA Curcumin complex-infused Happy Molecule.

Just take a teaspoon of your chosen remedy (or blend it into a smoothie).