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5 Reasons To Use Manuka Honey

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An all-round wonder food, Manuka honey has been used for health reasons for centuries, but has officially stepped into the starry spotlight in recent years with wellbeing experts and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johannson bigging up its benefits.

Curious to try for yourself? Snap up some of your own from honey experts Comvita and read on for five reasons why this marvel should become a regular in your cupboard.

1. You can use it to boost your immune system in the long term, no more colds – hurrah! Simply eat a spoonful every day.

2. Lacking energy? Manuka honey’s high nutrient density makes it a great natural energy booster.

3. A natural pre-biotic, it nurtures the gut’s good bacteria, aiding digestion and helping to banish the bloat.

Now that’s for Manuka honey straight out of the jar. But did you know that:

4. The wonder honey can help speed up the healing process if you get cuts, ulcers or other external injuries, as it’s packed with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. For topical application, do not use honey straight out of the jar though (the bacteria in it can be handled by our gut but not on open wounds). Try Comvita’s Medihoney Wound Gel which contains sterilised Medical grade Manuka Honey. It helps balance the skin pH levels, and helps heal quicker with reduced scarring.

5. And...Manuka honey can also improve skin hydration as it's able to absorb moisture directly from the air and draw it into the skin, keeping your complexion looking fresh and youthful. Try Manuka honey as a face mask: leave it on your skin for 20mn and notice how soft your skin feels. It’s also a great natural alternative for healing acne and skin infections. Incorporate it in your daily beauty regimen with Comvita’s new skincare range, Manuka Pure.

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