Silver Home Accessories At Lizard Orchid |

Silver Home Accessories At Lizard Orchid


For instant luxe nothing brings some upgrading to a room like the Snow Queen shimmer of timeless silver. A touch of the metallic hue is all that’s required to add polish to a room and homeware destination Lizard Orchid have some of the best accessories we’ve seen that won’t break the bank.

Spruce up your kitchen surfaces with the shiny fruit bowls, wine vessels and coffee pots, try a hurricane lamp or vase in the cosy bedroom or opt instead for a silver tray in the living room to collate your favourite trinkets in one place - just look to our gallery for ways to style. Old-school glamour at its best.


Lonar Silver Trinket Jewellery Box, £35 | Lizard Orchid

Allur Silver Water Jug, £89 | Lizard Orchid

Agaya Small Silver Vase, £49 | Lizard Orchid

Assam Silver Tray, £149 | Lizard Orchid

Allur Silver Decorative Fruit Bowl, £89 | Lizard Orchid

Zarwina Medium Silver Bowl, £19 | Lizard Orchid

Pichola Silver Coffee Pot, £45 | Lizard Orchid

Allur Polished Tall Silver Flower Vase, £59 | Lizard Orchid

Orissa Silver Wine Bottle Stand, £19 | Lizard Orchid