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Time Saving Tips When Styling Your Hair

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If you frequently have to set your alarm extra early so you have time to get your barnet looking how you want it to, you need to invest in Color Wow’s Speed Dry – the blow-dry spray that will save you time (and maybe some extra zzz’s) by cutting your styling time in half. Since we discovered this wonder product it’s become a mainstay in our hair styling arsenal.

Just spritz the time saving solution through your hair to reduce styling time, leave a protective high-shine coating and strengthen locks thanks to a blend of keratin and amino acids. 

Want more ways to cut your drying time in half? Read on for five tips from stylist Giles Robinson, Director of Global Training and Education at Color Wow.

1. Most blow-dry sprays contain alcohol, which dry out hair, can cause chronic dehydration and corrupt hair colour. Instead, Speed Dry speeds up the process by filling in all the holes found on the surface of porous hair. It’s healthier, safer, blow out for colour-treated hair.
2.  No matter your hair type, blow-drying from soaking wet is often not necessary and can be a waste of time. Instead, let your hair partially air dry or rough dry your hair, using your fingers, but no brush, until you reach the “conversion point”. This is the moment when hair foes from wet to dry and when the new shape and texture get locked in. That’s when you need to grab your brush and blow dry section-by-section. This is a great time-saver that also helps reduce pulling and tugging from excessive brushing that can cause breakage and damage.
3. If all the steps of your routine are too-time consuming for your morning, wash your hair at night and let it air dry. This reduces heat exposure, which can dehydrate hair and also accelerate colour fade. In the morning, use a styling cream and apply to any rough, frizzy sections and brush through with a flat brush. For very unruly areas, apply the cream to these sections. Then, using a round brush, give hair a quick hit from the blow dryer to create a more professional looking, blow dried look.
4. Focus your styling attention on the sections of hair around your face and the crown/top of your head. These are the “Crucial Zones”. Make sure the hair that frames your face is polished and finished. By concentrating only on these areas, you can create a polished look in a fraction of the time. The perfectly blown dry hair on the top will fall over the frizzy, unruly hair underneath. The only hair showing will be the smooth silky top layer.
5. If you plan to use a curling iron, don’t worry about smoothing your hair first. The heat from the iron will do that and this will often result in a more natural texture.

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