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Women are often apprehensive about using kettlebells, imagining the results will mean more bulk-up than tone-up. Not so. We asked Helle Hammonds, Barry's Bootcamp trainer and creator of GymClass London (read our review here), for five bona fide reasons why women should incorporate kettlebells into their workout.

Kettlebells are one of the best tools you have in building strong core muscles. When performed with the correct technique your core muscles are engaged throughout exercises like the kettlebell swing. Performing this same move with a single hand swing requires even more core stability due to the core having to work overtime to stabilise the weight imbalance on one side. More advanced moves, such as the windmill, focus on building a super strong defined waist and abs.  

Use the double or single hand swing movement to work your glutes into a perfectly peachy bum. The goblet squat (a floor squat followed by bringing your hands and the kettlebell up to your chin) works really well on building a great rear-end. When done properly it boosts power, flexibility, and work capacity. 

Using a kettlebell as part of a HIIT training will get that heart rate pumping and will count as a cardio workout. People tend to think the only way of doing cardio is going for a run, riding a bike or recreating these things on a machine at the gym. Research has shown that weight training is more beneficial to your cardiovascular health than traditional cardio. Plus, you can spend a quarter of your time training by using a kettlebell. 

Fat Burning and Body Sculpting 
There is no mistaking the fat burn potential of using a kettlebell. Unlike most forms of cardio work that are designed to burn fat, using a kettlebell actually helps you build lean functional muscle at the same time, meaning your workout is being super efficient at sculpting your body. Think of it like killing two birds with one stone. 

Low Impact
Using a kettlebell can match the same effect you would get from hill sprints, jumps squats and other high impact activity, but at a much lower impact rate. The added bonus is that, on the whole, kettlebell movements are performed in a low impact capacity, which can be very helpful for people training after injury or people with high volume training in other areas of their routine.

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