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Our love of marble doesn’t stop at interiors y’know... The opulent stone is the perfect inspiration for a springtime manicure, too.

Aimee Song of top-hitting blog, Song of Style has put the look firmly on our radar with her oh-so-cool mineral-inspired talons, which look even better when styled with marble jewellery.

Have a go for yourself by following these four easy steps from (we’ve picked the best shades to get you started too) and parade the coolest manicure all around town.

What You'll Need

  • white nail polish
  • light grey nail polish (can also be made by blending a bit of white and dark grey together)
  • dark grey nail polish
  • topcoat nail polish 
  • thin nail art brush (or trim off half of the hairs from an old nail polish brush)


1.  Coat your nails with white polish

2. With the thin brush apply the first veins with a bit of a zig-zag motion, it doesn't matter if it turns out sloppy. Keep an image of actual marble close to use as a reference to guide you when shaping the veins.

3. When the light grey 'draft' of the marble has dried, trace these lines with the dark grey polish. Just let your brush go along the light grey lines. These thinner dark grey lines will add a lot of depth to your marble.

4. When the darker veins are almost dry, apply a layer of shiny topcoat to make it all blend together. That's it!


Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit, £20 | Butter London
White Hot LED Gel Polish, £12.95 | Red Carpet Manicure
Lady In Black Nail Lacquer, £11.95 | OPI
Precision Corrector and Brush, £11 | Leighton Denny
Gel Effect Hyde Park Place, £14 | Nails Inc.
Dry Fast Top Coat, £9.95 | Seche Vite
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