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If your head has been turned by all the fashion-centric spring sales, it's time we opened your eyes to the array of interior steals on offer, in particular, at Houseology. The homeware emporium is offering up to 40% OFF across its range of luxury brands, with furniture, lighting and accessories to suit every taste, be it Chic, Luxe or Urban.

Among our top picks are everyday essentials like the Kamilla laundry baskets, timeless copper table lamps and hurricane lanterns by Scandi brand Lene Bjerre, as well as larger investment pieces, such as the grey lacquered cabinet dresser.

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LSA Polka Vase Sky Blue, £12 (was £15)
Lene Bjerre Anne Lantern Grey, £40 (was £50.50) 
Lene Bjerre Abella Bowl, £6 (was £8)
LSA Ivalo Dome & Ash Base, £64 (was £80)
Lene Bjerre Anneline Bathroom Tumbler, £16 (was £20.50)
Lene Bjerre Adrienne Vase Gold, £29 (was £36.50)
Lene Bjerre Abella Serving Platter Square, £14 (was £17.50)
Benitta Tealight with Candle Set Of 3, £6 (was £8)
LSA Paddle Tapas Set & Oak Paddle, £60 (was £75)
Lene Bjerre Albine Table Lamp, £172.50 (was £216)
LSA Wine Champagne Flute - Set of 4, £36 (was £45)
Lene Bjerre Depot Tray Table, £359 (was £449)
Lene Bjerre Abala Cushion, £43.50 (was £54.50)
Lene Bjerre Anna Table Lamp Brass, £216 (was £270) 
ASA 3 Tier Cake Stand, £43 (was £54)
Lene Bjerre Rosalie Flower Pot Gold, £14 (was £17.50)
Lene Bjerre Abella Serving Platter, £13 (was £16.50)
Lene Bjerre Kamilla Basket Set, £115.50 (was £144.50)
ASA Memo Planter for Chalk Writing, £7 (was £9)
Lene Bjerre Scandinavia Cabinet Grey, £1,549 (was £1,936.50)
LSA Serve Duo Platter, £40 (was £50)
Lene Bjerre Classic Desk, £674.50 (was £843.50)
LSA Paddle Water/Wine Serving Set & Oak Paddle, £52 (was £65)
LSA Bar Tapered Jug, £24 (was £30)
Lene Bjerre Abella Cup With Spoon, £7.50 (was £9.50) 
LSA Chiffon Vase Cornflower Optic 25cm, £20 (was £25)
Lene Bjerre Anna Table Lamp Copper, £169 (was £211.50) 
ASA Memo Slate, £5.50 (was £7) 
Lene Bjerre Abella Jug, £24.50 (was £31)
ASA Memo Porcelain Bottle for Chalk Writing, £5.50 (was £8) 
LSA Serve Tall Comport, £30 (was £38) 
LSA Wine Water & Wine Carafe Set & Oak Base, £40 (was £50)
ASA À La Plage Azur Dinner Plate, £10.50 (was £13.50) 
Lene Bjerre Affair Hammock, £96.50 (was £121)
LSA Dine Chopping/Serving Board, £40 (was £50)
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