Cool Ways To Capture Your Wedding |

Cool Ways To Capture Your Wedding

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After months of planning your wedding, you’ll want to remember every second of your big day. Ensure yours isn’t one in just a long line up with these seven cool ways to document your standout celebration.

Create Your Own Photo Booth

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to hiring out a photo booth, create your own instead. Pinterest is filled with inspiring ideas to get the kitsch camera setup on a budget, from giant Polaroid-esque frames hanging from beams (with accompanying fancy dress items, naturally) to vintage-inspired backdrops and old-school campervans.

Jenks & Co.

Capture your special day on film with the help of Jenks & Co. Brains behind the brand, Daisy, a videographer who’s been making energetically styled celluloids – think Mamma Mia! meets a home movie all across the UK and Europe for over five years.