Royal Baby Cambridge Crib | Royal Baby Cambridge Crib


Royal baby or not, any new arrival to the family deserves a crib fit for a prince (or princess). If you've got a little one on the way treat them to’s Cambridge Crib – a revolutionary old-meets-new style that’s the ultimate purchase for parents with discerning taste.

Created to celebrate the Royal Prince or Princess’ impending arrival, the bespoke piece of furniture is packed with clever features, specifically designed to make a new arrival’s introduction to the family stress-free for all involved. Not only does it have a levitating (yes, really), self-rocking function that auto-rocks the crib (without tired parents having to stay awake), it also features a drop-down timber hood that screens soothing images to the baby should they cry, and even comes with a remote control that adjusts the crib temperature, monitors the baby’s heart rate, breathing patterns, hydration levels and nappy wetness.

Impressed? You should be. With technology this 2015, even the newest HRH will be jealous.