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Top 10 Tips To Get Volume Like A Pro

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One of the most commonly cited requests for hair; extra volume makes every woman feel instantly sultry and attractive. It’s unsurprising then that Jo Hansford’s new Voluminous Spray – which can take limp, lifeless locks to red carpet-ready tresses in a matter of seconds – until it officially launched the product was on a wait list of the leading colourists’ most esteemed clients.

Packed with high-tech ingredients and repairing amino acids that retain shape and ‘oomph’ in your barnet, the multitasking marvel also adds shine, gives roots a boost and has heat protection built-in. Just apply four to five sprays to damp hair, comb through and style as desired to bulk up your follicles with minimal effort. 

Want more ways to add to volume to your tresses? Read on for 15 tips from Jo Hansford.
1. If you have fine hair, our stylists will always recommend having a short, sharp cut to give the appearance of thicker hair. Absolutely avoid long hair – try to keep your hair above your shoulders – the shorter your hair, the more volume it will have and the bouncier it will be. Bobs and Pixie crops are also perfect for fine hair.

2.  If you opt for a Pixie crop, texture is key. Use product to give your hair a sexy and wild look and avoid mumsie styles at all costs. You do need to have strong features to carry off a pixie crop so if you aren’t sure, try on wigs first and always take a picture of your desired look to your stylist.

3. Opt for an all over, tinted colour – tinting your hair tends to give your locks more body and a thicker appearance due to the change in texture caused by the tint products. All over colour also gives the appearance of thicker hair as opposed to highlights.

4. When drying your hair, start by drying using your fingers lifting the hair up from the roots as you do so. Concentrate on the hair around the nape of the neck as this creates the foundation for the rest of the hair to sit on. Don’t over use the hair brush and over work the hair as this will have the opposite effect and actually end up flattening it out. It’s a general rule that the less time you spend on it the fuller it will be.

5. Use the Voluminous Spray when blow-drying – apply four to five pumps to your roots before drying your hair. It contains a host of innovative ingredients including Aquaflex XL-30, a styling polymer to deliver long lasting volume and root boosting technology. This also offers high humidity curl retention for those seeking volume and movement. This, alongside Mirustyle X-HP, which provides unrivalled defence against the intense heated appliances while delivering impressive style hold, make it ideal for anyone wanting some more volume.

6. If you find that a conditioner is too heavy for your hair, a lightweight leave-in conditioner is the perfect solution. So for days when you want more bounce ditch your heavier conditioners and opt for a spray instead. If you have particularly dry hair and need to use a conditioner,  only apply to the mid lengths and ends of your hair to avoid weighing your hair down or adding too much product to your roots that will cause them to go greasy too quickly.
7. Don’t use too much of a styling product – this will make your hair look lank and dull very quickly. Use a small amount of a lights spray or lightweight serum such as the Jo Hansford Illuminoil and focus on the mid-lengths to ends and not the roots.

8. To add volume at the roots, dry your hair in sections using a round brush, lifting from the roots. Velcro or heated rollers are another great and simple way to add volume and movement into fine hair. Try to always dry your hair on a lower heat to reduce static and flyaways and rough dry your hair first without the nozzle on the hairdryer. Nozzles concentrate the heat and can actually flatten the hair.

9. If your find that your hair does become lank very quickly, using a dry shampoo to refresh your roots throughout the day to avoid having to wash your hair again. And if you find your hair is flat at the roots, some light back-combing will add volume and give your hair a fuller look.

10. Don’t over brush your hair during the day and between washes. Too much brushing and touching hair will make it become limp and lifeless faster.

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Voluminous Spray, £18.50 | Jo Hansford