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The Anti-Ageing Pillow

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Ask any dermatologist or plastic surgeon to guess which side you sleep on, and the chances are they’ll be able to tell just by looking at the creases on your face. After years of snoozing on a cotton pillowcase, those early morning sleep lines can gradually become more and more entrenched – eventually developing into permanent wrinkles. So, it seems that fresh-faced stars Jessica Alba and Kirsten Dunst could be onto something, with their preference for Jamie Sherrill’s Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow, renowned for its skin benefits.

The qualified nurse and founder of the renowned Beauty Park Medical Spa has been perfecting the complexions of LA’s A-list for over 20 years, so you know her cutting-edge pillow has to be good. Its unique U-shape design cradles the face and neck on a smooth, satin finish, helping to improve the quality of your rest and minimising lines and wrinkles that can be etched into the skin from side sleeping. An ideal (and cost effective) way to get healthier and more rested skin, this is a must-have for improved beauty sleep.