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The Mummy Diaries

1. I am absolutely not disputing the benefits of breastfeeding (nor do I want to be accused of sounding like some sort of Katie Hopkins character) but I was pretty horrified at the ‘study’ that made headline news linking breastfeeding to IQ. Two of my non-breastfed family members went to Oxford and are hugely successful – would they be more so if they had been breastfed?! I’m not even going to answer that. And what about those mothers who can’t breastfeed for whatever reason? Plus, if formula was so bad for babies surely you’d need a prescription for it....
I didn’t breastfeed for several reasons and it was absolutely the right decision for me and my children but I’ll leave it there before I set myself up for a barrage of abuse and hand over to specialist Geraldine Miskin and her five fundamental breastfeeding points that nobody else will tell you. You can read them here.

2. I spoke to a friend the other day who runs her own business, has two children and has been in hospital with her little boy. When I asked her how she was coping she replied ‘well, us mothers don’t really have a choice do we?!’ How true… I spent several months in and out of hospital appointments with Otto when he was just a few months old and, I, too just had to get on with it somehow juggling work, home, a toddler and him, but I muddled through and managed because I had to.
I came across an article the other day urging us to stop asking mother’s "How do you do it all?" Because just like my friend said, we don’t really have a choice. Like being able to breastfeed – or not – asking us this question just adds unnecessary pressure. Because when you forget a play date you had in the diary but didn’t see because you had back-to-back meetings and forgot to tell your nanny, you are left feeling like a complete failure, utterly chaotic and like you’re not doing it all, at all. This happened to me on Monday. And then I thought of that article, cut myself some slack and concluded it’s ok to make mistakes and not be perfect and fully ok to just do your best. You can read the short but comforting piece here.

The Mummy Diaries
3. Like both of their parents, my little people suffer from really dry skin. I’ve tried ALL sorts of creams but to little or no avail – I was interested to discover that the brand we all know for their best-selling teething toy, Sophie La Giraffe, has launched a conscious skincare range designed for babies and mums with a special focus on solutions for sensitive skin. In all honesty I’m a bit over yet another children’s skincare brand but I have to say the packaging is really nice, it smells great, feels gentle and so far seems to be quite good for their skin.


The Mummy Diaries
4. Little London gardens aren’t what you dream of for your children – the novelty of last summer’s wendy house has worn off and instead mine dream of a trampoline the size of their cousins’ in the country but that ain’t gonna happen. What has happened is a little tent courtesy of Field Candy, best known for their whacky full-size two-to-three person tents that you might actually be able to spot amongst hundreds at the end of a festival. Anyway they’ve gone and launched a range for kids that allow them to play at being little campers in little London gardens. Plus they’re light and easy to assemble and coming from me that is saying something! Ours has been hours of fun already…


The Mummy Diaries
5. If you’re keen on a bit of culture then Peter Pan is on from 15th May-14th June at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre – recommended for age 9+. For budding ballerinas, Swan Lake is the latest of the classics to be recreated for young children in the My First Ballet series, the unique collaboration between English National Ballet and English National Ballet School. For age 3+, it’s on until the end of May.
The Mummy Diaries
6. TA pushed for Crocs all last summer; I resisted and he gave up. A hint of sun and he’s back on the Crocs bandwagon. I know they’re super practical, useful etc but I’m afraid they’re just not my cup of tea. Another mother and I were agreeing on this point last week and I was thrilled when she educated me on the Crocs Boat Shoe. Eureka, I cried and TA too for he is a sailing man so this style of Croc will make us all happy.


7. Finally I popped into Mothercare the other day and thought they had some lovely dresses for reasonable prices. The white polka dot chambray dress is heaven. As is the new season at I Love Gorgeous. Not so lovely prices but perhaps worth it for a special occasion. Anyway it got me looking and there are plenty of others in between.



Broderie Romper Dress, £12 | Mothercare

Spot & Frill Chambray Dress Set, £12 | Mothercare

Embroidered Romper Dress, £12 | Mothercare

Floral Jersery Dress, £7 | Mothercare

Floral Chambray Playsuit, from £12 | Mothercare

White Floral Sleeveless Dress, from £8 | Mothercare

John Lewis 


Sleeveless Embroidery Sun Dress, from £20 | John Lewis

Neon Cheesecloth Dress, from £18 | John Lewis

Short Sleeve Aztec Embroidery Dress, from £20 | John Lewis



Chambray Tank Shirtdress, £19.95 | Gap

Embroided Flutter Dress, £19.95 | Gap

Floral Cap Dress, £19.95 | Gap 

Slub Pleated Dress, £14.95 | Gap

Printed Smocked Dress, £12.95 | Gap

Floral Dobby Denim Dress, £19.99 (was £22.95) | Gap



Pretty Crinkle Dress, from £26 | Boden

Embroidered Shift Dress, from £28 | Boden

Pretty Jersey Dress, from £24 | Boden

I Love Gorgeous

Lara Grey Dress, £55 | I Love Gorgeous

Sunrise Dress, £55 | I Love Gorgeous

Fluro Poppy Dress, £59 | I Love Gorgeous 

Foxy Dress, £55 | I Love Gorgeous

Isabella Dress, £55 | I Love Gorgeous

Lara Shell Pink Dress, £55 | I Love Gorgeous



Denim Dress, £15.99 | Zara

Printed Yoke Dress, £25.99 | Zara

Long Frilled Dress, £25.99 | Zara

Dress with Contrasting Embroidery, £17.99 | Zara

Flowing Printed Jumpsuit, £19.99 | Zara

Jumpsuit, £15.99 | Zara

La Coqueta 


Adra Girl Dress, £74 | La Coqueta

Osuna Girl Dress, £54 | La Coqueta

Alamenda Girl Smock Dress, £78 | La Coqueta

Coloma Girl Smock Dress, £74 | La Coqueta

Sagra Girl Dress, £69 | La Coqueta

Ancla Girl Smock Dress, £78 | La Coqueta