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Home Tour: Sophie Paterson

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At the relatively young age of 31, Sophie Paterson has been unrelenting and entirely focused on her goal to build an interior design brand that is respected not only for its modern classic aesthetic but also as a business;  the latter is something she was particularly determined to achieve when she set out on her mission some seven years ago.  Having learnt on the job - thanks to a developer-builder who had faith in her style today she is proud of the bulging portfolio of high-end projects under her belt both at home and abroad (the villas are quite something) and a 20,000-strong Instagram following.
SheerLuxe were not surprised to discover that her Surrey home is as immaculate and considered as the woman herself. Previously a diehard South Kensington resident, it took something special to forsake the city for out of town living, but the home she shares with husband Kevin and dog Bo is exactly that. The designer worked painstakingly hard alongside the property’s developer to tweak and perfect the house and the result is the perfect embodiment of Paterson’s signature design style. 

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The Kitchen

We start the tour in the kitchen, which is fitting because it’s the room which Paterson first fell in love with when they viewed the house three years ago as a shell. “I’d always dreamt of a large open plan kitchen with French doors leading out to the garden,” she explains, “somewhere we could entertain casually.” Three distinct seating areas including a sofa area, large communal dining table and sleek breakfast bar make it a multifunctional space which lends itself to languid mornings and weekends.

Like the rest of the house, the kitchen is a mix of soft neutrals, clean lines and natural textures. Of the entire room Paterson’s most prized item is an antique bureau she found in Holland — “It's such a special piece and the grey faded patina of the bleached oak combines so well with the dark grey stained wood I’ve used on all the bespoke carpentry in the house, including the kitchen cabinets.”  Her perfectionist eye considers every detail, giving the decor an all-encompassing seamless quality, like the grey mirrored splash backs that “reflect the garden, which is very soothing to look at over your morning coffee.”
The grey palette is broken up with moments of vibrant green, courtesy of the leafy herbs which are used as much for decoration as for cooking: “I like to disperse mine all over the room rather than have them lined up on the worktop counter.” It’s unusual to have rosemary or basil in a sitting area or on a coffee table but it looks undeniably chic. So too do the immaculately styled display shelves that featuring agate, faux flowers (she spends a small fortune on the best and it pays off), vases and art, are a theme throughout the house.



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