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10 Things All Insanely Stylish People Secretly Do

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Some women always look effortlessly put-together, from your favourite blogger to that colleague who’s flawless no matter what. If you've ever wondered how they manage it and assumed that it’s down to an innate “je ne sais quoi” that you’ll never master, think again because online magazine WhoWhatWear has handily put together a list of styling secrets that anyone can steal to elevate their look to the next level. 

1. Plan Outfits The Night Before

2. Always have the perfect dress for “last minute” occasions.

3. Take care of their shoes no matter the price.

4. Re-wear favorite outfit combinations.

5. Dress to impress other women, not men.

6. Pin style inspiration to a ‘’secret’’ Pinterest board.


7. Tailor jeans for THE perfect fit.

8. Avoid the lines at fast-fashion stores by shopping online.

9. Dedicate a few extra minutes in the morning to style their hair.


10. Invent at-home style fixes to make an outfit work.