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5 Healthy Lunches On-The-Go

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5 Healthy Lunches On-The-Go
It cannot be denied that the lure of convenience is all around and that time restraints often make it impossible to resist. But what is stopping us from turning on our takeaway lunches and going a bit DIY on them? Tess Ward (chef and food writer) had a nosy around some of the UK's best known supermarkets and gathered a handful of prepare-at-your-desk healthy lunches. All at well under £4 a pop with a healthy tick of approval.
‘How many low quality ‘healthy’ lunches have you bought out this week?’
If the answer is more than 3 and it is Thursday, then you, like me and every other victim of convenience needs to have a rethink.
It seems to be the popular assumption that being a chef/foodie means enjoying only gourmet scoff on the daily. But even for the most diligent cook, convenience can prevail when it comes to feeding oneself.
Standing amongst the hoards of central London workers, waiting to pay a better part of £10 for a pitiful lunchbox of greens with precision placed toppings, I asked myself this very question last week. Being as far from a mathematician as I am, I could still tell you, for sure, that only a week and a half of lunches alone could amount to far more than an entree and main at Nobu. A fair price to pay for a missed experience, certainly with a hell of a lot more annoying receipts. The truth is that in the pursuit of convenience we are practically wiping our bottoms with money. Anyone settling for boxed up sandwiches, bare asides from a smattering of fillings, shoved to the front, you are missing a trick. Hidden in some of your local supermarket isles are the keys to lunch time spending salvation.
These are a list of 5 top on-the-go lunches to inject a bite of life into your midweek desktop meals.
1. Itsu Crystal Noodle Cup 

Based on the nations favourite pot noodle, the only preparation this requires is adding boiling water, stirring and eating. Toppings can be pimped to your preference with leftover or pre-cooked meats, a handful of bean sprouts or a few carrot batons. All of which your local supermarket would no doubt be happy to oblige with. Choose from either Chicken Jaipur, Chicken Classic or Vegetable Festival. 

Chicken Jaipur Crystal Noodle Cup, £2.29 | Itsu

Vegetable Festival Crystal Noodle Cup, £2.29 | Itsu

Chicken Classic Crystal Noodle Cup, £2.29 | Itsu


2. Innocent Veg Pots

Innocent’s convenient little pots are an easy way to pack in a few of your five a day. Warming and filling, the only preparation required is a press of a microwave button and you are in business. Selections range from veggie indian lentil samba, mexican chilli, pearl barley and veg, carribean jerk and many more in between. 

Caribbean Jerk Veg Pot, £3.90 | Innocent

Mexican Chipotle Chilli Veg Pot, £3.90 | Innocent

Seasonal Veg Pot, £3.90 | Innocent


3. Kallo Buckwheat Rice Cakes

One of Kallo’s newer products is the seeded buckwheat rice cakes. A new take on the standard cracker, but with a dash of seedy sprinkle for added crunch. They make healthy, light base for open sandwiches. Great toppings include wasabi mashed avocado and lime with smoked mackerel, tzaziki, beetroot salad and crumbled falafel, or cooked chicken, sundried tomato pesto and pea salad.

Buckwheat Super-Seeds, £1.29 | Kallo 


4. Moorish Humous & Crudites

A pot of moorish’s smoked humous (dill and lemon or chilli harissa, if you prefer) and crudite batons, make a simple task of light lunching. If you fancy a little something more, grab a bag of salad too and get your houmous to go the distance with two days of salads. 

Smoked Humous Original, £1.60 | Moorish


5. Covent Garden Soup

At only £2 a pop you can hardly go wrong with covent garden’s finest. Choices range from super greens and pesto skinny soup, to a heartily british lemon chicken and tarragon. Double the quantity and far more choice than you get from the special of the day in your local coffee shop.

Goan Spiced Chicken & Lentils, £2.10 | New Covent Garden Soup Co

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