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New Healthy High Street Lunches

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Summer is fast approaching, so swap the stodgy sarnies and chilled pasta for super-light, figure-friendly lunches. We've taste tested the best low calorie, super greens-packed salads and wraps available on the high street – read on for our verdict.

ITSU Beauty Smoothies

Raw Veg Cleanse spinach, coriander, apple juice, ginger, avocado, cucumber, blended with ice.
Calories 162, Total Fat 5.5g

Raw Fruitifix apple, pineapple, strawberries, banana, apple juice, blended with ice
Calories 256, Total Fat 0.22g

Dairy Free Superseed  Itsu superseed mix, coconut milk, dates, apple, banana, pineapple, strawberries, blended with ice
Calories 434, Total Fat 12.6g

Why Buy? These zesty and refreshing drinks are as light as they are delicious and come packed with goodness, too. 


ITSU Vegetable Dumplings

Calories 382, Total Fat 6.2g

Why buy? The tasty morsels of gyoza come on a bed of Japanese sushi rice with a seriously moreish teriyaki dipping sauce.