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Ego Professional Touchscreen Hairdryer

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Ego Professional Touchscreen Hairdryer

On our list of tools to get a blow-dry like Kate Middleton's are a round-barrel brush, clips to divide hair into sections and, of course, a hairdryer that means business...

Ego’s Smart Hair Dryer fits the bill with its innovative touchscreen technology that allows you to adjust the speed, temperature and conditioning settings of your blow-dry in one simple swipe. Similar to a smartphone, its clever screen can be tapped to give you complete control of your styling, while the hairdryer itself uses special technology to keep hair extra smooth and manageable. It also comes with all the necessary accessories including duck clips and a comb attachment, so you can get that ‘just-stepped-out-of-the-salon’ look at home. We want.  

Smart Touch Display Hair Dryer, £110 | Ego Professional