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12 Ways To Get Healthier Nails

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12 Ways To Get Healthier Nails

Healthy nails are essential for keeping your look polished and your manicure long lasting so we’ve put together our edit of NET-A-PORTER’s essential products for top talons.
From nourishing cuticle oils to strengthening base coats, these beauty heroes will help get your nails looking and feeling stronger in no time.


45 Second Top Coat With Kensington Caviar, £15 | Nails Inc

The brand’s best-selling top coat delivers a professional look on-the-go, and is touch-dry in under a minute. Containing Nails Inc’s signature Caviar Extract, it nourishes and protects while locking in colour

CC Base Coat, £18 | Deborah Lippmann

This multitasking Correct & Conceal base coat offers 10 benefits in one quick step. Its hydrating formula conceals imperfections, while protecting and strengthening nails. Use it to fill in ridges and create a flawless canvas for your polish, or wear it alone for a simple, clean look.

BB+ Enriched Base Coat, £15 | Eve Snow London

Eve Snow’s formula includes vitamin B12 to strengthen and stimulate nail growth, while preventing chipping to help deliver a smooth base.

The Cure, £18 | Deborah Lippmann 

Deborah Lippmann’s award-winning cuticle cream contains Raspberry Stem Cell Extract to improve and protect skin texture, alongside moisturising vitamins and soothing shea butter. Massage into your nails daily to prevent dryness.

Cuticle Remover, £18 | Deborah Lippmann

Formulated with hydrating lanolin oil, this cuticle remover from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann is an effective yet gentle way to care for your nails. The treatment softens cuticles, making them easier to push back for a neater look.

Elderflower Cuticle Oil, £15 | Eve Snow London

This quick-dry, nourishing treatment will soften even the toughest of cuticles. Vitamin B12 helps repair damaged skin to keep your nail beds hydrated and supple.

Smooth Operation Four-Way Nail Buffer, £10 | Deborah Lippmann

Get a professional finish on-the-go with this multitasking nail buffer. Use this manicure staple to prep nails before you polish or simply to inject some healthy shine.

Base Coat With Kensington Caviar, £15 | Nails Inc

This conditioning and protective formula delivers a sheer pink effect, designed to smooth and prime dry or damaged nails before polish to prolong the duration of your manicure or as a standalone repair treatment.

Correct And Condition Duo, £20 | Nails Inc

Nails Inc’s Vitamin E Oil pen will soften and condition your cuticles, while the SOS Nail pen contains a moisturising nail polish remover to correct any mistakes and smudges.

Express Nail Polish Remover Pot, £8 | Nails Inc

Simply dip your nails into this remover pot to say good-bye to polish, fast.

Stripper To Go Lavender Nail Lacquer Remover Finger Mitts, £17 | Deborah Lippmann

These handy mitts are ideal for on-the-go polish removal. The award-winning formula quickly dissolves everything from barely-there neutrals to high-impact shades, and contains Aloe Vera and Lavender to strengthen and protect your talons.

Liquid Buff Nail Polish, £18 | X Hipp RGB

This nourishing formula can be used to give bare nails a flawless yet natural look, which should last for an entire week.