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BKR Water Bottles at Selfridges

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Gym bottles are a must-have for any bonafide gym goer who needs to stay hydrated, but how cool are they really? The answer is pretty desirable actually, if bkr’s candy coloured water bottles are anything to go by. Already a staple at fashion week and loved by A-list celebrities the world over (including none other than supermodels Gisele and Alessandra Ambrosio), it’s fair to say they’ve got a pretty starry following.

So why the buzz? Taking cues from runway trends, bkr’s creators create seasonal collections of glass water bottles that come in chic colourways, are highly durable and have silicon sleeves that are high-end and chemical free, making it much easier (and more attractive) to glug down those much-needed eight glasses of H2O a day.

Ideal for everyone from gym-goers to on-the-go mothers and everything in between; snap up this beauty essential and trade in your usual bottle of Buxton for something altogether more appealing.

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