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If the thought of lip liner conjures images of ‘90s fashion gone wrong, think again. The beauty bag essential is firmly back in the spotlight thanks to a raft of new modern day formulas. We’ve found the most failsafe liners, from Charlotte Tilbury’s easy Re-Shaper to Studio10’s Cupid Bow Highlighter, and if you need to go back to basics with how to use them, read on for these four simple tips, courtesy of A fuller, plumper pout will be yours in no time.


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Step 1

Place your pencil at the highest point of your cupid’s bow. Draw a diagonal line extending down from that point, following your lip line. Do the same thing on the other side to create an X in the center of your top lip.

Step 2

Starting from the top of your X, draw a line down toward the inner corner of your mouth. Sketch the line so you can adjust as you go - don’t attempt to do it in one swoop. Then, do the same thing on your bottom lip. Start from the inner corner, and sketch the line out just to the centre of your lip.

Step 3 

Repeat step two on the other side. When applying the liner, be sure you’re using the pencil right on top of your natural lip line (a sharp pencil helps with this).

Step 4

Fill in with lipstick. Use a lip brush for this step to blend the liner and lipstick together. Done!

Crayon Levres Terrybly Perfect Lip Liner, £23.50 | By Terry
Trace Lip Liner in Reveal, £21 | Hourglass
Le Crayon Levres, £17.50 | Chanel
Quickliner For Lips, £12.50 | Clinique 
Contour Pro Lip Pencil, £19 | Lancome
Lip Liner Barely There, £20 | Trish McEvoy 
Lip Cheat Re-Shape & Re-Size Lip Liner, £16 | Charlotte Tilbury
Marvelous Moxie Lipliner, £13 | Bare Minerals
Perfecting Lipliner Age Reverse, £22 | Studio 10 
Lip Pencil, £12 | Pur Minerals
Lipliner Invisible, £18 | Lipstick Queen
Smoothing Lip Pencil, £18.50 | Shiseido