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My Day On A Plate Ibiza Kitchen


The Ibiza Kitchen was masterminded by Anne-Marie Duperouzel, a chef who trained in Asian cuisine before taking on a role as a private chef specialising in healthy eating. Combining her love for food and wellness, she now works in some of the coolest retreats across the White Island and has her own website (equally as cool so check it out), where she posts mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan recipes, blogs and how-to-videos. We asked Anne-Marie for a sneak peek into her daily food diary.


My mornings start with an acai berry bowl, a cooling start to a gorgeous hot day in Ibiza. I blend frozen acai berry paste blended with a banana, topped with fresh fruits, nuts seeds and berries, refreshing and nutritious. Sometimes I had a little hemp protein into the blend for a protein boost. I am also a juice and smoothie addict - one a day at least, filled with whatever fresh and vibrant ingredients I can find locally.


Lunch is nearly always a salad, filled with whatever ingredients the local food stores of Ibiza have to offer. We have an abundance of produce here and asparagus and pomegranate are a firm favourite of mine as they are local.


Dinners are usually al fresco thanks for the glorious White Island sunshine. I try my best to gather friends for dinner, although during the peak season it´s hard work. A firm favourite for me is this Moroccan dish - a pear and monkfish tagine. I picked up the recipe in Essaouira, Morocco when I spent the afternoon with a chef in his restaurant. This dish was definitely the highlight of the trip!



I am always on the go so snacks for me always have to be filled with energy and protein. Sometimes I make a batch of raw brownies and freeze them so I can grab and go whenever I need to. I also make a batch of homemade coconut water and fruit ice lollies to keep me hydrated and topped up throughout the day.

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