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Adding a gallery wall to your home is an easy and contemporary way to upgrade your interiors look without breaking the bank.

Creating a modern feature on even the plainest of neutral canvasses, it’s also a great way to display your favourite prints and photographs for a stylish and unique effect.

We spoke to the interior design experts Sophie Paterson, Anna Hewitson and Camilla Hampton to find out their tops tips on how to integrate a gallery wall into your home:

1. How to choose your frames
I like wall galleries with the same frames and with different textures, but if you go for the latter option, choose one metal finish (i.e. not a mix of gold, bronze and silver). It depends on the size of your wall, but you need a minimum of five frames to make it feel like a gallery,” says Sophie Patterson.

2. How to curate your wall
To make a wall feel unified, pick a theme (i.e. antique maps or vintage postcards), but I wouldn't say you need to stick with this rule. I never like things to be too matching, as you want to avoid it looking too contrived,” says Anna Hewitson. 

3. How to put your wall up
If you are going to create a random display, plot it out physically on the floor and then on paper. Keep the display central on the wall and work outwards from the centre (i.e. if the display is above a piece of furniture, use the centre of the piece as your starting point). If the wall has no furniture, use the centre of the wall,” says Camilla Hampton. 

We’ve spotted the trend everywhere recently, and have curated the best inspo images for you to scroll through…

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