Interchangeable Friendship Bracelets |

Interchangeable Friendship Bracelets


For a grownup take on the friendship-bracelet trend, it doesn’t get much more efficient Chavin’s Caring styles. The interchangeable, contrarily coloured cords can be changed depending on your mood or outfit so you can go for blush one day and neon the next.

Each style is named after a Peruvian mother, inspired by the brand’s partnership with SOS Children, a charity that supports Family Strengthening Programmes near the capital. The braided cords come adorned with a delicate rose gold bar and are embossed with Aztec-inspired prints or dainty little jewels. Stylish trinkets to add to your accessories artillery with a conscience, too - we love. 


Rose Gold Interchangable Bracelet, £100 | Chavin

Red And Black Interchangable Bracelet, £110 | Chavin

Brown And Orange Interchangable Bracelet, £100 | Chavin 

Red And Pink Interchangable Bracelet, £105 | Chavin