Natalie Massenet's Eight Rules For Success |

Natalie Massenet's Eight Rules For Success


When it comes to life inspiration, Natalie Massenet has to be the most inimitable of icons. The NET-A-PORTER founder and CEO has achieved a virtually unprecedented amount of success since she revolutionised eCommerce in 2000 and most recently launching the world’s first shoppable social network, The Net Set.

Always looking effortlessly chic, despite what must be an exhausting schedule, Ms Massenet’s style and success story are the stuff of dreams.  So we couldn’t have been more excited to discover she had shared some peals of wisdom with London’s Evening Standard.

Read on for the fashion heavyweight’s eight rules for success, and start taking notes...

1. Point out the problems, as long as you have a solution  I don’t like critics who aren’t doers themselves.

2. Be the smartest at the table and you can wear whatever you want.

3. If you’re 50% awesome, be 100% valuable to whatever job you’re doing.

4. There’s no right time to have kids and no perfect formula. The good news is, there isn’t a wrong way.

5. Know where you’re going before you get going. The route can be rewritten, just know what your end goal is.

6. Individuality will always serve you better. Then you have value to add  then you stand out.

7. The biggest mistakes are the biggest lessons. Laugh about them, then move on.

8. You need to switch off but you don’t need to disconnect.

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