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Healthy Edible Plants You Can Grow Without A Garden

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While buying all your fruit and veg fresh from a farmer’s market would be ideal, time restraints frequently mean stocking up in the local supermarket is the go-to instead. Luckily, you don’t need to live near a farm or have a massive garden in order to reap the benefits of home-grown produce. You can produce your own fruit and veg from a sunny window in the pokiest of premises and have your very own stash of healthy goodness ready to cook with. Read on for a roundup of 11 edible plants that are easy to cultivate indoors and advice how to grow them.

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If you fancy harvesting your very own crop of the world’s most favoured superfood, it’s best to purchase a dwarf avocado plant, which are far more suited to indoor growing.  Add some sand to the bottom of a large, well-draining pot before filling it with regular potting mix and planting your tree. Water it regularly but make sure the soil is never soggy as avocado roots don’t take well to being waterlogged. Prune the shoots regularly, and be sure to place the pot on the floor so it has space to grow upwards.


Purchase carrot seeds and a pot or window box that’s at least a foot and a half deep and wide, with drainage holes at the bottom. Fill the container to within an inch of the top with a humus-rich potting mix. Water the soil before planting the seeds  one inch apart in rows that are six inches apart from each other, pressing the seeds gently into the soil and covering them with a thin layer of soil. Water and place the container in an area that receives tons of light. Keep the soil moist, but not soaked. To help preserve moisture, soak some peat moss in water overnight and then spread it on top of the seeds. Expect the seeds to start sprouting in about two weeks.

Garlic Greens

Start by purchasing a few garlic bulbs with small cloves, and don’t be afraid to buy a shattered bulb (i.e., one that’s started to burst or is fully pulled apart). Select a four-inch pot with drainage holes at the bottom and a small bag of potting soil. Fill the pot with soil to about half an inch below the top of the container. Break the bulbs into individual cloves (leave the peel on), and push each individual clove about an inch into the soil, pointy end up. Plant about 12 cloves close together. Water well and place the container in a sunny spot and wait for green shoots to appear in one week.