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Sunuva Rash Vests


If you’re heading to the beach this half-term and want to make sure your little ones are fully protected from the elements – whether they’re paddling in Cornwall or taking a dip in the Algarve – then look to Sunuva for high-performance beachwear.

The brand’s sun-protective rash vests are proven to block out an impressive 97% of damaging UV rays, so your kids can splash around safely all day long.

Far from dull, the stylish collection is available in a selection of bright colours with nautical stripes, animal motifs and fun prints, which both boys and girls will love.


Beach Bum Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva 

Girls Cherries Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva 

Boys Skateboard Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva 

Boys Hot Dog Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva

Boys Indian Elephant Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva

Boys Fish Bone Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva

Girls Paisley Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva

Girls Feathers Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva

Girls Neon Stripe Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva

Boys Lobster Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva

Girls Tribal Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva 

Boys Nautical Blueprint Rash Vest, £39 | Sunuva