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They say eyebrows are key to framing your face, so it pays to spend some time getting yours in tip top condition. Whether you want yours to match your hair colour, have really light brows or a few cheeky greys in there, home dying is a cost-effective way to pep up your peepers.

Scared to take the plunge? Don’t be, Byrdie.com have come to the rest with their failsafe guide to dying your eyebrows at home. No one will know you haven’t been to the salon…

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First make sure your brows are clean and makeup-free. Then, brush through them with an eyebrow brush as you normally would. You can also apply a thin layer of Vaseline around your eyebrows to prevent accidental staining of the skin.



Follow your eyebrow tint kit’s instructions to mix the colour. Usually you empty one capsule of colour (it's in powder form) into the mixing bowl and add an equal amount of developer cream. Using the little wooden stick provided, mix it into a creamy paste.



Use the little wooden stick to apply because it gives me more control. Start at the front of your brow (the hair is denser there) and simply dab on the dye all the way through to the end of your brow. Concentrate on the centre of the eyebrow first, and then do all of the little baby hairs along the edges.  



Once you've done one eyebrow - saturating every hair - stop. This is extremely important if you want your brows to match. Processing times will vary, but it usually takes about one minute. Have your timer (or iPhone stopwatch) ready.



Using a wet cotton pad or paper towel wipe off the colour. You'll need to use a bit of pressure. You may remove it and think it looks too dark, but remember at this point your brows are still wet, so let them fully dry before making any judgments. Repeat for the second brow.


Clean Up

If you get colour on your skin, use a damp cotton swab to wipe it away. 



One minute later and it's time for removal round two on the second brow. And that’s it!


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