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While indulging in a cocktail is never going to be the epitome of health, there is a way to counteract the booze with the help of Imbibery’s cold pressed juices, designed to be drunk with vodka.

Not only are the cold pressed drinks packed with raw fruits and vegetables, providing your body with vitamins, nutrients and good-for-you enzymes, but they’ll also help your body to rehydrate and reset itself more quickly. The result? No splitting headache or deathly hangover the next day.

Choose between the 'Greena Colada', a mix of spinach, pineapple and coconut water, and Imbibery's healthy take on the Bloody Mary, ‘Hail Mary’ - both of which also happen to be much lower cal than your usual mixer - and indulge in a tipple without the guilt (well, almost).



Hail Mary, £6 | Imbibery
Greena Colada, £6 | Imbibery
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