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SL Reviews Transition Zone


Wanting to get in shape, fast? With the motto ‘Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat’ Transition Zone, owned by Sweaty Betty Ambassador Claire Finlay, may just be your answer.

The Lowdown: Located in Parsons Green, Transition Zone offers small, group classes in TRX, Power Plate, Barre and Reformer Pilates. Each high-intensity session is designed to tone whilst working out every muscle group to the absolute max. 

The Workout: The 30-45 minute workout on the Power Plate is designed to exert the body, contracting muscles at a rate of 45 times per second (thigh-burn is imminent). Combined with HIIT (high-intensity interval training), prepare to seriously sweat as you work twice as hard as usual.

The TRX class is a full-body workout that includes lunges, side planks, jump squats and press-ups. Due to the nature of the TRX, every move requires you to brace the core, working the abs from beginning to end and challenging your sense of balance. 

That’s Not All? The studio is the first place in London to offer the Reformer Pilates Chair, designed to stretch and strain every muscle group; an on-trend boxing class has also been added to the studio’s timetable.

Difficulty-Rating? Challenging. Each session is designed to exert your body to its maximum potential in a short amount of time - ideal then for time-poor ladies wanting serious results. Plus, the intimate nature of each session (there are four to eight people per class) means you get personal training-style attention.

What Makes It Different? Transition Zone takes a holistic approach to fitness. In the words of Claire, “Optimal health is about so much more than just exercising,” which explains the on-site nutritionist, massage therapist and Recovery Café that make up the whole wellbeing experience.

The Studio: Filled with motivating quotes to get you going, the minimal space is ideal for a hard workout. You won’t be able to resist The Recovery Café post-workout, packed with juices, smoothies and snacks designed to strengthen the muscles. A supper club with superfood bloggers, Punch Foods and Nourish Everyday is also on the cards so watch this space.

Our Verdict? Claire and her team of top trainers take no prisoners; as long as you live by the ‘Repeat’ philosophy, expect results, fast. 

How Do I Get Involved? Transition Zone is located at 17 Heathman’s Road, Parsons Green SW6 4TJ, a two minute walk from Parsons Green Underground Station. Newcomers can enjoy an introductory offer of unlimited classes for 10 days for £50.

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