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One glance at the stylish adobes pictured here and you’d be forgiven for thinking the shelves central to their good looks would require more work and cost than their asking price. Not the case. They are in fact, from Swedish stalwart IKEA and start from a penny-pinching £10.

The versatile range of floating shelves come in crisp white and on-trend matte black, providing plenty of high glamour kudos for next to nothing, plus the aforementioned neutral colour choices, combined with a range of sizes, means they can be adapted to any space, big or small. 

Keep it simple with a stacked trio in the kitchen, or go off piste with multiple floaters set at different heights across a living room wall for a low-cost, high-impact interior update.

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Lack Wall Shelf, £10 | Ikea
Lack Wall Shelf, £15 | Ikea
Lack Wall Shelf, £5 | Ikea
Persby Wall Shelf, £8 | Ikea
Persby Wall Shelf, £9 | Ikea
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