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Summer Hair at Sassoon

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With the events season well and truly underway, we’re always on the lookout for new hair styling ideas. Luckily, Sassoon Salon is offering a range of looks in store, from just £20, perfect for special occasions.They even have a Blow & Style menu, with prices starting from £35, where you can get your barnet blow dried then styled into on-trend looks – everything from beachy or polished waves to dishevelled and voluminous locks. 

From a dishevelled pony, which will add a touch of textured cool to wedding guest outfits, to timeless Hollywood curls (ideal for glamorous evening parties) and loose waves that will work with just about any outfit, Sassoon has your summer hair sorted.

The team has also given us handy step-by-step instructions on getting the looks at home, so read on for your how-to guide.


Dishevelled Pony

Price in store: From £20

Get the look at home:

1. “The desirable ponytail has texture, style and insouciance without looking ‘too’ done,” says Bruce Masefield, Sassoon UK Creative Director. Spray Wella Professional Ocean Spritz into dry hair near the roots, then scrunch your hair using your fingers and air-dry to create some texture.

2. Gently pull the hair into a loose pony above the nape of the neck and secure with an invisible band. Or for a modern, luxe option, "take a small section of hair out of the ponytail, wrap it around the band and secure with a pin."

3. Tease the hair through the crown area for a dishevelled, mussed-up look." Wisps of hair that escape around the hair lines only add to the simplicity and flirtatious feeling of the look. Finish with a minimal amount of product – it’s more sensual,” advises Bruce. 


Glam Wave

Price in store: From £35

Get the look at home:

1. For ultimate Studio 54 glamour, spray your hair with Sassoon Professional Motion Hold, then wrap small sections of hair around a styling wand, pinning each curl to your head with a grip. 

2. Once you've curled every section, unclip and shake out. Enhance your side sweep with a low side parting and comb it all the way over for a glamorous finish. The trick is to keep hair flatter at the top of the head.

3. “Serums will be your hair saviour”, says Bruce and recommends, Sassoon Professional Hydro Finish, which seals, nourishes and defines to finish. Special occasion hair is all about “polish, effortless control and healthy shine, contemporary glamour at its best," says Bruce.


Loose Wave

Price in store: From £35

Get the look at home:

1. “The key to great hair this spring is to keep it natural and not try too hard. Get a great cut with a strong shape, then apply a spray conditioner, such as Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate to retain sleekness and prevent hair from becoming frizzy." 

2. Wrap small sections of hair around a styling wand, pinning each curl to your head with a grip. Once you’ve curled every section, unclip and shake out. 

2. Finish with a light mist of Sassoon Professional Motion Hold for flexible hold, and gently brush through from top to tips with a paddle brush for a natural finish, “Texture doesn’t mean having messy hair; it’s all about a polished version of the ‘bed head’ look,” says Bruce.