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Picking  a facial from the vast array on offer can be more than a little Daunting, but many advise choosing a treatment based on your age range. Skin specialist Kate Somerville has decoded the spa world for US style guide The Zoe Report, so read through her expert guidance below to find the perfect facial for every decade of your life...

20s: 'In your 20s, firming shouldn’t be your concern so it’s best to keep treatments basic. I recommend oxygen treatments every 4 to 8 weeks to keep skin hydrated and glowing.'

SL recommends: Bliss’s Oxygen Blast. This quick complexion pick-me-up includes a fruit acid peel, antioxidant vitamin massage and oxygen spray for glowing skin.

30s: 'As clients approach their mid-30s, it's important for them to choose a treatment like micro-needling to stimulate collagen and minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores. This is also a great preventative ageing treatment.'

SL recommends: The MicroFirm Facial Treatment by EF MEDISPA. This advanced skin-tightening and firming treatment is designed to rejuvenate trouble areas, including any sagging and age spots.

40s: 'Most of my clients in their 40s say they want to look like themselves - but younger. Patients notice more pigmentation and redness in the face at this age. Laser treatments are the perfect option to correct both - especially broken capillaries.'

SL recommends: Veinwave by Sarah Chapman. This treatment will permanently reduce the look of small veins and capillaries across the face and décolletage.

50s: 'During your 50s, there comes a shift in hormones which causes a loss in hydration. I recommend regular oxygen treatments combined with the occasional laser treatment. Clients also complain about sagging skin - micro-needling and muscle-lift treatments both help tighten the jowl area.'

SL recommends: PHI 360 Facial at PHI Clinic. This invigorating facial combines laser treatment to rejuvenate the skin for a more radiant and younger looking visage.  

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