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What To Eat Before And After Each Type Of Workout

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Want to boost your workout performance and aid recovery time? A great exercise session starts and ends with the right fuel, so check out this handy guide from PureWow.com on the best snacks to eat before and after you don your trainers, whether you’re training for a 10k or enjoying a calming yoga session


Best for Running a 10K:

Pre-Workout: Load up on carbohydrates with substance: try ½ cup of cooked steel-cut oats topped with one tablespoon of dried fruit and one of shaved almonds. Since this is a bigger meal, give yourself at least an hour to digest. If you’re pinched for time, try an energy gel specially made for runners in training.

Post-Workout: It’s important to rehydrate and replace lost electrolytes as quickly as possible, while also replenishing depleted carbohydrates. Right after your run, gulp down a specially formulated recovery drink, and one to two hours later, get yourself some protein.

Best for Boxing:

Pre-Workout:  Keep it simple and look to protein bars, but be wary of high sugar content. Bars with 10 to 30 grams of protein and less than 10 grams of the sweet stuff are best.  

Post-Workout: Protein is absolutely key for muscle recovery, so try a dish with bacon, eggs and cheese


Best for Crossfit:

Pre-Workout: The ideal snack includes a source of low-glycaemic carbohydrates (fruits or veggies) and lean protein. Try an apple served with two tablespoons of almond butter. Both contain fibre to keep you satiated.

Post-Workout: Refuel your muscles with a quick and easy smoothie. Try mixing cashew milk with one cup of frozen mixed berries, one scoop of vanilla whey powder, some Stevia and water.


Best for Cycling:

Pre-Workout: Hydration is key, so drink eight ounces of a low-sugar sports drink. If you’re craving some more substance, try a handful of almonds.

Post-Workout: 30 minutes after your ride, have a wholegrain bagel with egg whites.

Best for Rowing:

Pre-Workout: Fruit and nuts are a great combination for any pre-workout snack. Pick up a handful of almonds and a few orange segments. The almonds deliver fibre and protein, while the orange's vitamin C prevents muscle soreness from setting in later.

Post-Workout: Try a deconstructed sandwich, with some avocado, bacon and tomato rolled in a turkey slice. Pair this with at least eight to ten ounces of water


Best for Yoga:

Pre-Workout: Just because it’s low-impact exercise doesn’t mean you should skip a meal before hitting the mat. 30 minutes before your class, grab something small and energy-boosting, like a banana or dried apricots. Then drink at least six ounces of water.

Post-Workout:  If it’s an evening session, cut back on heavy meat and dairy to help ease digestion. Instead, make yourself a quick and easy breakfast-for-dinner, like baked eggs with peppers.

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