The Future Of Sun Protection |

The Future Of Sun Protection


There’s nothing worse than getting burnt on holiday, especially if it means trying to disguise a lobster-red face for days after, and of course, the long-term damage you’re doing to your skin.
Lucky then, that we’ve found the solution in the form of Netatomo’s JUNE Bracelet – a super smart UV tracking device that alerts you when your skin is getting too much sun.
The tech-savvy, yet stylish bracelet uses a jewel-like sensor with UVA and UVB trackers to precisely measure your personal safe level of exposure, depending on your skin type and location. Simply download the accompanying app to your mobile phone and you’ll be sent push notifications alerting you if you are coming close to getting burnt. Not only that, it’ll also tell you which level of SPF you should be slathering on and if you need sunglasses or a hat.
Stylish and anti-ageing? This is wearable tech well worth shopping.



Gold June Bracelet, £118 | Netamo 

Gunmetal Back June Bracelet, £118 | Netamo 

Platinum June Bracelet, £118 | Netamo
Inspiration images: JuneByNetatmo, IBlogWithGrace