Skinade Review: Drink Your Way To Better Skin |

Skinade Review: Drink Your Way To Better Skin

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There’s a moment  normally in your late twenties  when it suddenly dawns on you that your flawless, firm and dewy skin won’t remain that way forever. We all have our go-to lotions and potions, but if you’re serious about anti-ageing consider taking a multifaceted 360-degree approach. Enter Skinade

What does it do? This beautifying tonic contains a daily boost of vitamins and high-grade marine collagen, which triggers the body’s own production of collagen and hyaluronic acid   visibly plumping and hydrating skin with continued use (studies show Skinade’s collagen peptides increase skin suppleness by 19%). Not only is it supposed to reduce lines and encourage radiance, it also helps combat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and cellulite, while also providing hair and nails with the nutrients they need to grow faster and stronger.

It takes a while for your skins renewal cycle to reveal the results and the scientists who created Skinade recommend drinking it daily for at least a month. The good news is you wont mind, because it comes in deliciously fruity mangosteen and peach flavour with just 1.5 grams of fructose sugar, no artificial colours and less than 38 calories per bottle.

How much does it cost? £90 for a 30 day course, £180 for 60 days, or £270 for 90.

Our verdict: We found it easier to sip this than to swallow a load of supplements in pill-form, plus Skinades liquid formula has an 80%-to-90% absorption rate, while tablets can only be assimilated by the body at a rate of 30% to 40%.

Despite several friends remarking that our skin looked great, it was difficult to tell if it was the Skinade or just a late spring tan. However, all these beneficial ingredients have to be doing some good, right? In our opinion this nutrient-dense formula is a worthwhile addition to your anti-ageing skincare regime.



Skinade 30 Day Course, £90 | Skinade

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