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Editor's Diary



1. TA and I finally got around to trying out Kitty Fisher's. If you haven’t been following, it isn’t cat food  it’s London’s hottest and hardest-to-get-into restaurant right now. I’m not all that sure why, although Sam and Dave Cameron did set the ball rolling by booking a table for date night, and the restaurant does only seat about 30 so there is definitely a supply-and-demand thing going on.

Plus the guy that runs it was in the BBC series Mistresses (married to Shelley Conn's character) and is definitely a draw – as are the grilled langoustines which were nothing short of epic. I’d recommend it for sure but I wouldn’t bust a gut to get there. 

Visit KittyFishers.com


2. A combination of fairly average weather and working too hard has meant I haven’t benefited from the days that have delivered on the weather front, so when I was offered the chance of a spray tan at home I jumped at it.

At SL we’re big fans of the Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty service who I often use for manis and pedis, but I hadn’t had one of their notorious spray tans until last week. Well I don’t know what I had been waiting for...They popped up a tent in my sitting room and in I went. Two minutes later and wam, bam, thank you tan…Totally brilliant and not a streak in sight. 

3. I took said tan out on the town and wore my new Maje skirt. It’s a bit of a winner  white lace-meets-crochet and just the right length.

4. For some people it’s foie gras, others lobster  for me, it’s truffle. TA isn’t such a fan so a girlfriend and I set off to new truffle mecca Tartufi & Friends at Harrods last week. With flagships in Madrid and Rome already, apparently Harrods was the next, most obvious option.

Located in the basement (FYI, it’s hard to find) the bar-come-deli-come-restaurant is as slick and stylish as you’d imagine a restaurant revolving around truffle might be. Whilst I’m not sure I’d recommend a truffle cocktail, I would definitely not dissuade you from a breakfast meeting over truffled eggs benedict or a post-shopping portion of truffle pasta (Signature Tagliolino, Cacio & Pepe with fresh Truffle to be precise), accompanied by a glass of Gewurztraminer. It doesn’t come cheap but the truffle coverage is liberal.

5. On my mission to locate Tarfuti & Friends I stumbled into the Harrods sunglasses department. Celine’s bridge sunglasses trend have been on my mind since we wrote about them. Alas…the black had sold out at Harrods, so here I am sporting the burgundy which are cool, but I did manage to track down the black elsewhere online here.

6. We come across a lot of linen companies here at SL but linen is so hard to bring to life online that too often we don’t share. I was having this conversation with the founder of Lizard Orchid at the SL conference the other day and she said she’d send me some of theirs so I could see the quality for myself. I have to say it is quite something.

Lizard Orchid is a new home store that launched last year  the founders supply all the big home store names you’d know, and launched the business to take the products they sell at wholesale straight to the customer at better prices. I can truly say if you’re in the market for a better night’s sleep (who isn’t?), then Lizard Orchid is the place to go. The Egyptian Cotton Sateen 500 Thread Count is dreamy…


7. A bit of R&R is long overdue so if I had the time I’d be counting down the hours until I head off to Anassa for a much-needed holiday and some time-out. Not to have to rush, to be able to take my time over breakfast, hang out with my three nearest-and-dearest and read my Kindle will be utter heaven.

I am going to put an end to the fact I am the last person to have read Girl On The Train, but not until I have devoured the fashion world’s newest novel: Techbitch  - "a witty and acutely observed novel from Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza about how to keep up in a tech-obsessed world." I’ll let you know how it goes. Glamour described the book as "The Devil Wears Prada does digital." Sounds gripping right?

8. We featured Rae Feather’s wicker beach bags a couple of months ago and it’s safe to say they are taking the world by storm. Mine arrived this week and it has been well worth the wait  which is still long. But if you are after some beach candy and have time on your side then delay no longer.

9. Finally, a couple of purchases á la Topshop. This khaki shacket we featured a while back...It sold out but is back in stock and it’s a goodie. And whilst gone-are-the-days when I could dare to bare my midriff, a bralet under a sheer or low-buttoned shirt is a look a grownup can get on board with.