Nine Easy Ways To Make An Outfit Look More Expensive |

Nine Easy Ways To Make An Outfit Look More Expensive

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We’re always after insider tips and tricks on how to make our outfits look more polished, chic and, let’s face it, expensive.

These nine simple styling hacks from show you how to do just that. From figuring out which colour will instantly lift an outfit to the accessory you should be adding to your jacket this season, read on to find out how to upscale your look in an instant.


1. Belt Your Jacket

Give your jacket an instant lift with a simple cinch around the waist.


2. Do Dramatic Proportions

Add drama to a short skirt or mini dress by layering it over a high-impact trench or sleeveless coat.


3. Wear All White

An all-white outfit always feels chic and fresh. Try it out with your favourite white button-downs, blazers, trousers, and jeans, all mixed and matched together.


4. Go for a High-Low Mix

Sport a pair of trainers with a polished dress or skirt for the ultimate unstudied vibe.

5. Opt for a Long Hemline

Don’t get us wrong – we adore a good mini – but an elegant, long hemline can read more polished and expensive.


6. Mix in Luxe Trousers

If you’re into that whole Olsen-inspired thing, experiment with a pair of knit trousers or voluminous culottes to up your style game.



7. Wear Only One Earring

True, this trend isn’t new, but it sure does gives your accessory game a major It-girl vibe. Also, it doesn’t cost a penny. 


8. Rethink Your Shirt

Snag an extra-long button-down and leave the bottom portion unbuttoned for endless layering possibilities. We love how it looks over a full skirt.