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I am going to regret saying this out loud but my children are not big into sick bugs, and I could count on one hand the number of instances we have endured for the two of them combined. Coughs and colds aren’t quite the same story though... Plus, I think they’re both a bit asthmatic – it’s in the blood, and a cold invariably turns into a cough, which nearly always turns into an asthmatic-sounding wheeze. 

In a bid to tackle the endless colds we started giving them vitamins last winter and it seems to have had a positive effect. It could just be them getting older and their immune systems stronger but I 100% put it down to the fact I rarely get ill due to my own daily dose of vitamin C.

So when I heard mother and child site My Baba had teamed up with Zita West to launch a range of children’s vitamins I thought, how brilliant. A nutritionist friend is big on the importance of probiotics so I was even more pleased to discover the Multivitamin and Multibiotic Powder they have launched with – vitamins, minerals and friendly-bacteria specifically formulated for children aged 12 months to four years. The packaging is a treat and there isn’t a sticky pink ‘sweet’ in sight.  

I wasn’t overly neurotic when it came to what I could and couldn’t eat during pregnancy. I stayed off pâté and runny cheese but other than that I didn’t worry about it too much – I think my mother ate both of those and I turned out ok, but we’re a bit more in-the-know these days. It is now widely believed a fatty in-utero diet can cause obesity later in life. If you ask me, the education and social pieces have bigger parts to play post-natal, but I was interested to hear that a new book, Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide, is about to hit Amazon’s shelves. 

Obesity issues aside, the sections cover which nutrients are particularly important in which trimester (and which foods to find them in), alongside advice on how to manage conditions like morning sickness and preparing for birth and breastfeeding, I did think sound interesting. The book is out in August.

If you’re a fan of Not On The High Street but find the volume of products to browse a bit too time consuming and overwhelming (me too), then try All By Mama, a relatively new, online marketplace featuring beautiful things made by mums. The site is really nice and there’s lots on there from teacher gifts to jewellery, but crucially not too much to sift your way through.

A mother I know said out loud the other day, “Thomas’s artwork just goes straight in the bin,” and I thought ‘how refreshing’ and breathed a bit of a sigh of relief that I’m not the only one thinking, ‘What on earth do I do with all this?’ Don’t get me wrong, if C or O were a budding Banksy I’d hang onto virtually every Wet Wipe that touched their hands, but Banksy they are not shaping up to be. And right now the art ends up in a bulging art drawer that gets a clear out every now and again. 

There is a new and novel way of displaying their art courtesy of Barney & Wilf. The mums who run it take a bunch of your children’s art and make it into beautiful, big contemporary collages (essentially prints) to display in your home. The best bit? The reams of art that don’t make the cut can go in the bin – guilt-free.

A handful of great girlfriends from school have all just had their first baby. I remember us taking Coco home from hospital and feeling so content to be a threesome and starting out life as a family. Despite the blur of sleepless nights it was such a special time and perhaps one I didn’t make the most of, but then hindsight is a fairly useless thing unless you share it. 

I came across an article on the post-partum period and was intrigued by the traditions it mentions which other cultures follow. The article features lots of really practical tips from breastfeeding advice and dealing with all those visitors to adjusting emotionally to this life-changing phase. You can read the full article here and if you are soon to be at that stage or are new to it I’d recommend you do.


My little lady is not so little anymore and with big school just around the corner we’re making the most of not being tied to school holidays and heading off to the Anassa in Cyprus this week. We have all been counting the sleeps. Anassa is dreamy and if you’re looking for a holiday which caters for you and them, then do check out our travel guru’s recent round up of family-friendly holidays here.


On the holiday topic, rash vests they wear a week a year are one of those things that are necessary but I’m a bit loathed to spend money on. Sunuva sells the Rolls Royce of rash vests, but I was pleased to discover Next does some great ones for boys at far more reasonable prices. 

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