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How To: Twin Mirrors Trend

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There’s something so pleasing about the symmetry of twin mirrors... Think stepping into the bathroom of an elegant hotel and being greeted by two identical vanity stations. So we've polled our panel of interiors experts on just how and where to copy the look in your own abode.

For even more inspiration, check out our gallery alongside picks for all styles and tastes from our go-to site for all things interiors,

Which styles work best?
“Ideally opt for antique mirrors, but be careful not to choose styles which are too elaborate. A mid-century modern mirror looks good in both contemporary and classic settings.” Nicole Salvesen, Salvesen Green

"For a statement look use multiple mirrors with dramatic frames. This will not only bring more light to your space, but double up as wall art too.” Kate Mooney CEO

Where does the look work best?
“I like twin mirrors on either side of a fireplace, or to fill a huge wall where you need the break of having two mirrors rather than one enormous one – but they can really work anywhere, from corridors to over mantles. I love using two together to make a room feel bigger than it is whilst also adding some drama.” Camilla Hampton

“We often hang twin mirrors on either side of a doorway, in drawing rooms or hallways, and of course over a bathroom vanity, which really balances the space.” Nicole Salvesen, Salvesen Green

Can the look work in small spaces?
“Mirrors can make a space appear much larger by reflecting the room back at you. They are used to create light but also to imitate colour through the reflection, which actually works very well in a small space.” Camilla Hampton

“Yes, but don't overdo mirrors in any room. Of course, they can make a space seem larger, but it is obvious when this trick is overused. To tone it down, sometimes we use an antiqued mirror finish which still gives you reflection without trying too hard.” Nicole Salvesen, Salvesen Green

Cabin Porthole Mirror, £94 | Authentic Models
Couture Square Mirror, £321 | Deknudt
Defender Mirror, £528 (Was £660) | Eichholtz 


Dior Mirror, £440 (Was £550) | Eichholtz
White Old Pine Mirror, £647 | Brucs 
Dominion Mirror Black, £158 (Was £198) | Eichholtz 


Dot Mirror, £168 | Deknudt 
Guilded Boulogne Mirror, £792 (Was £990) | Eichholtz
Borromeo Mirror White, £320 (Was £400) | Eichholtz 


Rebecca Mirror, £1,195 | Andrew Martin 
Mountbatten Mirror, £400 (Was £500) | Eichholtz
Shagreen Mirror £800 (Was £1,000) | Eichholtz 


Defender Mirror Square, £308 (Was £385) | Eichholtz 
Parcival Mirror Nickel, £105.50 (Was £132) | Eichholtz 
Tory Mirror £2,000 (Was £2.500) | Eichholtz




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