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Bobbi Brown Frames

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Ever the beauty pioneer, makeup artist Bobbi Brown has channeled her intuitive gift for flattering aesthetics into a range of specs and sunnies.

Forever fascinated by how glasses can transform the face, she wanted to take the mystery out of how to choose the right pair, whatever your face shape.

Here’s is Bobbi's straightforward guide to finding the right specs for you:

Oval Face: Opt for classic styles like aviators.

Round Face: Modern and angular frames are your friends, so try a wayfarer

Square Face: Juxtapose with curved styles, like a retro cat-eye

Heart Face: Oversized frames will add width to your narrow jaw

Available at Liberty, purchasers will also receive a free makeup tutorial on how to make your peepers pop even when wearing glasses. Shop online for frames or visit in store for the full experience.


Brown Harleys Flat Top Sunglasses, £105 | Bobbi Brown

Red Annas Oversized Sunglasses, £105 | Bobbi Brown

Gold Dakota Aviator Sunglasses, £130 | Bobbi Brown




Pink Alexis Square Glasses, £95 | Bobbi Brown

Rectangular Glasses, £105 | Bobbi Brown

Navy Sandras Rectangular Sunglasses, £105 | Bobbi Brown


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